Swear You Love Me

  • Director:Alethea Jones

  • Written by:Andy Cox

  • Produced by:Nick Batzias, Veronica Gleeson and Virginia Whitwell


Jude has been looking for an extraordinary kind of love all her life. When she meets Vinnie, she feels she’s finally found it.
Despite her parents misgivings, they leave England and move to regional Australia with Aussie friends Em and Craig. No one is prepared for what follows, when Vinnie develops catastrophically anti-social, full-blown late onset Tourette’s syndrome. Jude and Vinnie try to find ways to cope with this radical and unwanted transformation. It’s a journey that threatens to tear them apart, but ultimately brings them – and a greater community around them – closer together. Inspired by the true story of YouTube star Guignol Millward, Swear You Love Me is a comedic romance that explores what happens when girl meets boy.
Meets arsecheeks.